Monday, May 28, 2012

☚✖☛Garena Master (DotA Map Hack) WORKING!☚✖☛

Garena Master v95.00


Name Spoofer
Garena Auto Room Joiner
Removes 5 secounds restriction.
No "Full room dialog".
Show pings in number
Real ping in-game
Disable hacks protection
Mega Exp Hack (100/15min Gold, 50/15min Basic) or [ 300/15 | 150/15 with multi client! ]
Garena Multi Client
Leave room while playing.
'Super Admin' Style [It's just style, only you see!]
'Premium' Style [It's just style, only you see!]
'Platinum' Style [It's just style, only you see!]
'Channel Admin' Style [It's just style, only you see!]
'League Admin' Style [It's just style, only you see!]
'Gold Member' Style [It's just style, only you see!]
Admin Menu Hack (Only trace location work)
Hide ADS in Garena

Warcraft 3 Features (1.26a / 1.25b / 1.24e-d-c-b)

CAM Distance Hack
Delay Reducer
Reveal units on mainmap / minimap
Remove fog on mainmap / minimap
Enable trade / Resource View
Make units clickable / Gray HP on fog.
Reveal Illusions
Show Runes
Show Skills / Cooldowns
Bypass dota -ah
Show Ally Heroes icons
Show Enemy Heroes Icons
Show All Heroes Icons
Show Ping signal
Advanced Rune Notifier
Gem Notifier (Notify you when someone drop the gem!)
Cloack DLL System (Make the hack undetectable on
Automatic Drop Bnet (Will disconnect you automatically from bnet when the game start, one more security to avoid ban on
Host Hack [ Work only on Garena]


   There is the commands list:

- Kick a player without waiting time:
.k or .kick

- Kick a player with waiting time:
.b or .block

- Lag the player (Configure the intensity in Garena Tab [DelayOn(ms)])
.xon or .delayon
Dota Features BETA (1.24e only)

Auto Dodge for heros spells
Show enemy clicks
Show hero lines
Show cd in numbers
Auto dodge the spell with Eul's scepter and others skills
Camera Distance hack by scroll
Show CD of buffs in number
Gray HP under FOG

v95.00 Changes:

- Added new Feature by Open|Fire: Reveal naix ultimate in red!! 
- Improved GM FULL Performance on start, it should start instantly now!
- Created GM Selector.exe that will be the new loader to choose between lite and full.
- .NET Framework checker is now integrated with the GM Selector and with GUI.
- Removed Visual C++ 2010 dependencie to GM Full (Only .NET Framework 4 is needed now) 
- Fixed changelog dialog on GM Lite.
- Increased waiting time to 10s, keep helping us with ads that we will reduce again soon.